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ActiveCamapign Software, Training Programs & Services

Sales Funnels & Automation, - Lead Generation Strategy & Conversion Rate Optimisation for More Profits


Create & Sell Online Courses, Automated Membership & Training Sites & Portals and Lead Magnet Hosting

Would you like to learn the strategies that SME’s now have access to?

Learn how Marketing Automation software allows you to strategise differently, how you can then optimise and maximise the ROI and multiply the results you are getting from your existing Google and Facebook adverts and the like for example. 

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Do you want to automate your lead generation and get leads on autopilot?

Are you wanting to Automate your Marketing and Sales Pipeline, and at the same time systemise your Follow-ups and Onboarding

Are you wanting a better return of investment from your existing Google or Facebook Ad spend?

Are you spending $$$ on paid ads but not getting the volume of clicks or the conversions of click to sales that you need?

Do you need help to develop a lead generation strategy?

Are you not sure what strategies and automations you should be using to nurture and magnetise your buyers. So that they come to you.

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Certified Consultants

GenerateBusiness is one of only two ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants in the country.


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Are you advertising on Google or Facebook and not getting the clicks, leads, sales and profits you want?

Maybe you aren’t sure why your customers are not clicking – Not sure what part of your offer is not working?

If you want to optimize and maximize your profits from ad spend. We can show you exactly how we have used this program ourselves and how we can help you do the same.    

We will teach you our proven formula – How to increase your key marketing numbers and metrics. How to turn advertising dollars into profits. 

With GenerateBusiness you get FREE ActiveCampaign training!

This bespoke online training course includes lifetime access.
This course is updated as the software changes and new features are added.

When you sign up with ActiveCampaign through GenerateBusiness you will recieve our free training series (which we believe to be the best ActiveCampaign training in the world).

ActiveCampaign CEO, Barry, covers all ActiveCampaign modules in simple step-by-step videos.

This makes it very simple if you have forgetten one part, or need a refresher, Just watch the one section that is applicable – you are able to keep reviewing any subject so much easier.    

See a snippet of the Video training here… Link coming soon!


Memberuim is a WordPress plugin that is a membership site, a host and portal for your online content.

Create, sell and host online courses


Offer free courses or content as lead magnets for your business

Create an automated membership sites




Build a private employee training program

All your content, whether a video, an E-book as a lead magnet, training programme or a whole online course can be protected by applying tags, either by giving a name and email address, or by paying online – All of this can be automated – All using the power of ActiveCampaign automations.   

Entry level Memberium starts from just US$7 a month