What Is Marketing


Marketing automation is essentially a software tool, a platform….A technology that helps you optimise and maximise the sales process.

Marketing Automation is the magic,

the secret sauce of marketing and sales. It is the ‘multiplyer of results’, it gives you the ability to…

leverage off your existing advertising spend, with the likes of Google Ads, SEO and Facebook Ads.

If done right – You can increase the effect by a multiple, it’s not just ‘adding’ to results, but an X factor %. Increases in ROAS can be huge

Marketing Automation Software is the enabler of what we now call a Sales Funnel.

In past years, only large corporations could afford what we now look back on as clunky automation software.

BUT NOW – It’s affordable, incredibly smooth and easy-to-learn.

Combine marketing automation with the right sales funnel strategies and you will see an increase in your marketing metrics, sales and profits.

Why use Marketing Automation?


Using marketing automation saves you time. Instead of spending time doing repetitive marketing tasks and parts of the sales process you can have the software do it for you. The software can also identify your most engaged clients, saving you more time.

Return on Investment

You can achieve a better return on your existing marketing spend by using marketing automation. Achieve better conversion rates by using marketing automation to create a targeted, personalised and engaging experience for you leads.


Create stronger relationships with your customers by using marketing automation. Marketing automation makes your relationships feel fuller by giving you the ability to be in touch with your customers regularly and in a way that is customised to their needs.


Using marketing automation means that you will achieve consistency and reliability in your business. The automations you create will ensure that your leads, existing customers and staff are always followed up in a timely and consistent manner without you having to worry about it.

Take the right actions
at the right time.

Marketing automation is about taking the right actions at the right time. It allows your marketing and sales processes to be dynamic and customisable to your contacts, whether this is a sales lead or an existing customer, at any given time.

Optimise experiences for your contacts.

Using marketing automation allows you to create highly customised and personal experiences for your contacts.

You can optimise interactions between your business and your contacts. Not only does this create a meaningful relationship for your customer, it also builds loyalty and can help increase your revenue.

It’s more than just emails.

Now marketing automation is much more than just sending emails to your clients. It is about transforming your marketing and sales processes both internally and externally. You can use it to create whole automation sequence that don’t involve your contact’s, making it useful to optimise your internal processes. You are no longer just limited to email when using marketing automation to communicate with your contacts – you can use text messages and site messages as well.

Software Integration

Marketing automation software allows you to integrate with a large number of other software platforms – Google, social media, landing page builders, ecommerce stores and your website are just a few of the options.

This integration means that when events occur on your other marketing platforms you can trigger responses in your marketing automation system.

Depending on the marketing automation software that you are using and what you are integrating with you can also feed information back and set off actions in the integrating software.

Your marketing automation software can become the central part of your marketing strategy, linking up your existing platforms.

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Being passionate about what we do.

At Generate Business, we are passionate about helping business owners generate success and reach their full potential.

 Our aim is to help you optimise and maximise your business with

marketing automations and sales funnel stratgies. 

This generates more traffic and leads, to increase your lead generation, growing more customersmore sales and more profits.